Laem Sor Pagoda

One of Koh Samui's most noteworthy photo ops is this beautiful golden hued pagoda, built on the southern-most tip of Koh Samui in 1907. The pagoda makes a spectacular setting as it rises into the sky, with the glorious tropical Gulf of Thailand as the backdrop. The Pagoda suffered serious damage when it was struck by lightning in 1967, and was subsequently allowed to fall into disrepair until a grand restoration project was launched in 2003. Today the Pagoda has been lovingly restored, and its numerous glazed golden tiles have all been either cleaned or replaced, providing a mystical and deeply spiritual projection over the southern corner of the island. The traditional Thai architectural design is of particular note, as are the nearby sculptures and statues. The Pagoda entrance is guarded by two giant warrior statues with huge swords and in colourful clothing. A Buddha image stands in the doorway just behind the statues. When you have finished looking around this gorgeous building, take a stroll in the nearby immaculately maintained meditation forest and sit alongside a man-made canal which is lined with mangrove trees. The Pagoda complex is very busy on Buddhist religious days when many monks and lay Thais come to pray and meditate. To get here, take the ring road 4169 to Route 4170 and then make a left. There's another left turning at Laem-Sho-Road, and it’s about one kilometre to the pagoda.

Map of Lower Gulf of Thailand

Lower Gulf of Thailand-Map