Wat Pho Chai

Located on Pho Chai Road, about a block east of the main bus terminal on a lane named after the temple, Wat Pho Chai is Nong Khai's largest and most significant temple. The bronze Buddha image with a solid gold head known as Luang Phor Phra Sai, is one of three that were made at the request of a Lao King's daughter many centuries ago. One now resides in Bangkok, the second was lost on the Mekong River during a storm and the third resides in Wat Pho Chai. This striking and historical Buddha image is at the centre of the temple, but of equal interest to visitors are the elaborate and colourful wall murals. These murals depict ancient Siam's invasion of Laos and the legend of the three captured Buddha images. Unusually there are also murals with scenes from more recent times, including several showing King Bhumibol (Thailand's current king) visiting the temple. The temple is home to a large number of monks and is always teeming with locals burning incense and praying to the Buddha image for health and good fortune. Address: 873 Prajak Silpakom Rd., Nong Khai

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