Wat Tham Kuha Sawan

Located just outside Khong Chiam, the wat is a striking white colour, with natural wood sculptures adorned with orchids in the surrounding grounds. Established in the mid-1970s by a highly revered monk, Luang Phor Khamkhaning Chulamani, who discovered a small cave at the top of the hillside and decided it would be suitable for meditation. The temple’s most noticeable feature is a shrine room, topped by a graceful golden chedi and surrounded by eight smaller chedis. Since his death in 1985, the founding monk's 91-year old body has lain in a mummified state behind glass. In the temple grounds is a large naga-hooded Buddha image that seems to stare down on the villagers below, with another smaller Buddha seated under a silvery pavilion near the road. A massive elephant statue near the cave will provide you with a stunning view of the Mekong River. To get here, take Highway 222. The temple is located about 6km before reaching Khong Chiam District, just where Route 222 turns into Khong Chiam.

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