Chiang Dao has a daily morning market open from 3:00am (yes you read that correctly!) until 10am, set up all along both sides of the main street selling mainly food. This is a locals market only, not one for souvenirs. The Tuesday morning market is the big one, where all the tribes from around the area come to sell their wares. As there are so many different tribes in the area, you get a great mix including Akha, Karen, Hmong and Lisu people in their colourful traditional clothes. Again this is meant for locals, so it’s a market to come and people watch rather than buy souvenirs. Although, you may find some tribal crafts catch your eye. It’s a great atmosphere and the people here are friendly and not pushy. The main Tuesday market sells all sorts; clothing, household goods, hygiene items, tyres.., etc. The main road isn’t closed for the market so be careful, especially if you have young children.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map