Ao Nang

Why Go

A 1km long stretch of tan sand with great views of limestone cliffs around it, Ao Nang is the busiest most touristic beach in the Krabi area. There are also some superb non-touristy beaches to stay at nearby, such as Klong Muang (see the Highlights). Ao Nang can be used as a base to take cheap day-trips to some of the much nicer beaches nearby, such as Railay, Ko Poda, Ko Gai and Ko Hong – then return to its comfy accommodation, plenty of restaurants and lively nightlife.

Why Not

A chilled quiet beach to relax Ao Nang is not. It’s very crowded in the high season, with little space on the beach at high tide. The longtail boat engines provide an inescapable constant noise and also mean you can only safely swim in a couple of small cordoned off areas. The water is pretty choppy and murky due to the boats, and at low-tide, it’s a long way out until the water is deep enough to swim. There’s an eclectic mix of package tourists from all over here.

How Long

Party hostels and day trips to other nearby beaches mean there’s plenty to do. As with any beach, stay as long as feels right or your time allows!

To Know

The north end of the beach has seafood restaurants with their catches on display, which get packed on an evening. Where you stay may make or break your experience here, so be sure to check out the accommodation section.

Map of Andaman Coast

Andaman Coast-Map