Galapagos | What To Pack

Updated January 2021

There are two seasons in the Galapagos, cool and dry (June to November), and warm and wet (December to May), but weather reasonably similar in both season, besides being a bit hotter and heavier rainfall. This list of what to pack applies all year round.

What To Pack

Sunblock / Aftersun - Factor 50 sunblock, as the sun is super strong even on cloudy days, meaning it's easy to get burnt. There's often very little shade on the beaches, hence the aftersun! Raincoat - Rain showers can occur all year round. Light jacket - It can get cool in the evening, especially if there is a breeze. Swimwear - So you can hopefully swim with sea lions and Galapagos penguins! Insect repellent - There's low to no risk of Malaria, and it isn't too bad for bugs, but good to have on a night and some trips. Sunglasses - With good UV protection. Snorkel and fins - Provided on all the tours, but handy to have a snorkel for the beach. We didn't use our fins much, just a snorkel is good. And if you're fun diving, they provide everything including hoods and gloved. Water shoes - Super useful for getting in and out of the water and some walks on the islands. You don't need walking shoes if you have a comfy pair of these. Sun hat - There's often little or no shade so your head will burn without a hat. Water bottle - All accommodation provides free water refills to help reduce plastic pollution. A thermal water bottle is better so the water doesn't heat up in the sun. Dry bag - Handy for the beach. International bank card - There are ATMs on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela. They are usually working but are sometimes off for a few hours so best to have at least enough cash for the day. Ecuador SIM - Internet on a phone network connection is usually better than in accommodation, restaurants and bars, but can be expensive on your home network. You can pick up a cheap data SIM in mainland airports.

What Not To Pack

Travel towel - Accommodation standard is high, so will be provided. Diving hood/gloves - If you're doing fun-dives everything is provided. Medication - There are plenty of well-stocked pharmacies on the islands, so available unless you have a specific prescription.

If you've been lucky enough to go and have suggestions or wanting to go and have questions, share your thoughts in the comments :)


Map of Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands-Map