Ondong Rossey

The famous red pottery making village of Ondong Rossey makes a colourful, interesting day trip. The 7km journey here past the rice paddies, stilted huts and pottery in transit is half the fun. The village has been making pottery for generations, with clay they gather from the nearby mountain. Families have clay pieces they make using moulds, by hand and by wheel. Some of the pieces are fired over open fires, and some use the shared kilns. Be sure to get yourself an English speaking tuk-tuk driver so they can give you a bit of a tour. If you want to buy any pieces, you can probably get the best deal buying it directly from one of the family huts making it. If Channy the tuk-tuk driver doesn't meet you as you get off the bus, your guesthouse will be able to arrange an English speaking tuk-tuk driver. You could do both the Ondong Rossey and the floating villages in one day if you get up nice and early.

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map