Green Orange Kayaks

From the small village of Ksach Poy, you can hire kayaks from the NGO run Green Orange Cafe and have a nice gentle paddle along the Stung Sangker river. It's around 11km back to Battambang and along the way you will see fishermen, farmers tending their fields, goats and children running to the shore to shout 'hello' whilst waving frantically. The river is easy to navigate so you don't need a guide and a very gentle current if you fancy cooling down with a dip in the water. Green Orange Cafe is part of FEDA, a Cambodian NGO working to empower Cambodian people living in rural areas. The income supports the local school for about 300 children from the surrounding communities. Half day trips are US$12 and a tuk-tuk to the Cafe will cost around US$6. Make sure you book in advance to ensure the kayaks are available! Email: Tel: +855 12718857 Address: Ksach Poy Village, Wat Kor Commune, Svay Por District, Battambang. Website:

Map of North West Cambodia

North West Cambodia-Map