Mon Village & Bridge

Unfortunately, the famous wooden bridge that used to link Sanghkhlaburi with Wang Kha over the river Songaria was destroyed in a storm in 2013. But its 'temporary replacement' is a fantastic floating Bamboo Bridge which is quite an attraction in its own right. It was built in only six days by 500 village residents, comprising both Thai and Mons and it stretches right across 450m of river - from bank to bank - a remarkable achievement. It is also said to be safer than the old bridge which was maintained in a somewhat chaotic and unsafe manner. If you're not keen on walking across the floating bridge, you can also get there by taking a boat across the river. In the Mon village itself, you will find the smiling villagers very friendly and welcoming as you stroll past the houses on stilts and explore the souvenir stalls. These stalls contain homemade products such as Burmese hairbrushes and sarongs, along with Burmese products. If you are also going to the nearby Wat Wang Wiwekaram, you will come across a small market located just behind the village, which is worth a browse. On your return journey, you might want to stop off at a row of Mon food shops located near the riverbank, where the old bridge used to end. Note that most villagers speak Mon as their first language and they may not understand your fractured attempts at Thai which might have worked well elsewhere.

Map of Central Thailand

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