Sanam Chandra Palace & Park

If you are staying in Nakhon Pathom, you must find time to take a short walk to the beautiful Sanam Chandra Palace and grounds which is only 1km from the city centre chedi. Occupying an area of 355 acres, the original two-building palace complex was built by King Rama VI in 1908 and became a favourite summer residence. More buildings were added and later it consisted of five buildings in various architectural styles, both European and Thai. There is also a 'Ganesh' (Hindu God of arts) shrine, which is much revered, and a large statue in memory of the King's dog, "Yah Leh", who was accidentally shot. The buildings are well maintained and in great condition, and each of the five main buildings has an interesting story. Set in beautiful grounds, the palace complex has a large court in the centre, surrounded by ring roads and connecting canals and moats. One of the original buildings is used by the city council, but you can still wander through The King's old living quarters. Silpakorn University, which is now responsible for the care and responsibility of the palace has a beautiful campus laid out in 180 acres to the rear of a small building known as Phra Tamnak Tabkaeo. This building used to be a temporary residence for the King during the winter as it has a fireplace. You will also enjoy the lovely gardens, with colourful flowerbeds and huge shady trees, you can take photos outside but not inside the buildings. Follow temple dress code by dressing conservatively and covering your knees and shoulders. On Wednesdays there is a student market where you can buy T-shirts, and near the lake is a restaurant with very cheap food. Entry: Foreigners 50B Open: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Thursday - Sunday) Tel: +66 34244237, +66 34244236 Getting Here: 1km west of the Three Prang Chedi at Nahkon Pathom city centre.

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