Cliff Jumping

If you are brave, can swim and are looking for an adrenalin rush, cliff jumping could be just what you need! Sometimes referred to as "tombstoning", as the name suggests, it simply involves jumping from a cliff into the sea. There is one isolated spot in Koh Tao which is ideal for cliff jumping, with accessible cliffs and nice deep water. You can either make your way there or go as part of an organised group. Under the auspices of Goodtime Thailand, they will lead you to the places to jump and then wait while you spend an hour or two snorkelling in the sea below to round up your day of adventure.

Jump! You Say “How High”?

The suitable cliffs are in an isolated spot at Laem Thian - a rocky outcrop on the east side of the island, which is so deserted that the only resort in the area decided to close up shop in 2011. You can wander round the slightly eerie Marie-Celest style resort. Hike up the track on to the north side of the cape, and you will come to the area at the top of the rocks that has become the place for jumpers. You can choose from three spots - with heights of 3m, 9m and 12m above sea level. You can start your jumping career by taking the plunge from one of the lower jumping spots, then climb back up and try again from a higher spot, or just hurl of the top spot if you're that way inclined! If you're new to this, a tip is to either hold your nose or blow out through your nose as you enter the water. Otherwise, the water comes shooting in!

Fishy, Fishy, Shark !?

After you've had your fill of jumping, you can go snorkelling and see some fish not commonly seen elsewhere around the island. Here you can find masked unicorn fish, schools of butterfly fish, a few batfish, giant groupers and even black tip reef sharks, which are perfectly safe and will not attack you.

How To Find It

To reach Laem Thian, from the north end of Sairee beach take the main road that heads east. Pass Koh Tao Fitness centre, and soon the road will peter out into a dirt track as it leads into a very steep climb and emerges at Laem Thian. You will see a few footpaths that lead down to the beach and then another that starts behind the abandoned resort leading up to the jumping cliffs. Just follow the signs on the rocks. You can also reach the beach by long tail boat from anywhere on the island. If you go with Goodtime, they will whisk you back to Sairee beach in a speedboat at the end of the day… saves the walk! Goodtime Adventures Email: Tel: +66 872753604 Address: 3/40-43 Moo 1, South Sairee beach. Website:

Map of Lower Gulf of Thailand

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