Organised Tours Around Kanchanburi

There are so many organised tours on offer from both Bangkok and Kanchanaburi to see the sights in and around the city that it would take a lifetime to try out even a small fraction of them. Tours can be anything from a personalised tour in a minibus or limo with a driver/guide to a double-decker bus tour crammed full of dozens of tourists. Some of the all-inclusive tours from Bangkok which are usually arranged to fill a mini-van are often good value for money, as they will include hotel, food, and some of the better-known attractions, but for many people this does not provide the freedom to visit their choice of attractions in their own time. Typical day tours from Kanchanaburi city usually cost between 750B and 1,200B, depending on the number of people, but expect to pay considerably more for personalised tours, for between 2-4 people. If you want to avoid the crowds and simply go to the places that particularly interest you, you can either arrange for a bespoke tour for two or more couples (or a family), or if you have a limited budget or just like to be adventurous, you can go it alone (see separate highlight ‘Self-guided Around Kanchanaburi’). Of the organised tours outside of the city, we can recommend ElephantsWorld - Day Tour (see separate highlight), the highly regarded Mellow Adventures - which is a personalised bespoke guided tour of wherever you choose to go; Private Day Tours which is similar to Mello Adventures; Safarine Tours which again is highly regarded and give you personalised tours to some of the lesser known places. They also do specialist tours such as canoe sessions and bamboo rafting expeditions on the River Kwai – things you can’t do on your own. There are many other small specialist tours which include the highly regarded River Kwai Jetski Tours - which will give you the thrill of your life, riding jet skis up and down the River Kwai for hours. The water is clean, and the guide is very professional and safety minded. Then there is Ikankayak who will provide you with inflatable kayaks and you can spend a weekend or several days kayaking down the river from one riverside resort to another. The river (especially the further north or west) is very peaceful and quiet, and the scenery is lovely. Another one with great feedback is Death Rail Motorcycle Day Tours who will take you on a relaxed tour of Kanchanaburi and beyond on trips you will cherish for years. The tours can include hiking, swimming and camping, and you can see many of the top attractions, plus some beautiful countryside and many lesser known places of interest such as the POW camps near Hellfire Pass.

Map of Central Thailand

Central Thailand-Map