Trekking Around Soppong

If you love trekking through spectacular mountain scenery, come to Soppong and you will be spoilt for choice. You can organise your own day treks to the nearby Hill Tribe villages, or you can elect to go on an organised 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day treks which will include overnights in Hill Tribe villages, and can be combined with rafting or even caving. Most guesthouses offer organised treks with knowledgeable guides, and there is also an independent tour outfit located a short distance down the road from Lemon Hill House guesthouse. These places offer one-day treks for around 1000B; about 1300B for trekking and rafting, and approximately 1600B to include caving at Tham Lod. Guesthouses such as Little Eden, offer two-day treks for 2500B-3000B and three-day treks for 3000B-3500B; based on a minimum of two people. The trek prices include all meals and nearly all of them overnight in Hill Tribe villages such as Lahu, Lisu, and Karen. Don't expect to stay at totally unspoilt villages, as while by no means as 'touristy' as the villages nearer to Chiang Mai, the residents are long acquainted with the business of overnight trekking parties. If you prefer to do your own thing, you will find that most guesthouses have maps of the surrounding area, showing popular trekking routes. One easy trek for beginners is to the nearby Lisu village of Ban Nong Thong. Take the main road out of town towards Mae Hong Son, and after about 500 metres you will find a road leading off on the left. Walk another 500 metres and you will reach the village where you will receive a friendly welcome.

Map of North West Thailand

North West Thailand-Map