Doi Inthanon Waterfalls

Most of the waterfalls in this park have good water flow all year round, but the best time to see them between May and November. The most popular waterfall is Namtok Mae Ya which is over 260 metres high and over 100m wide. Tiers 40-50 meters high, flow down a 280m cliff face over a variety of rock formations, creating a colourful and very attractive and impressive scene. To get there, at Km 57 (2km before arriving in the Chomthong District), take a right on Route 1009 (Chomthong-Doi Inthanon Road). The walk is 600m from the car park. Another is waterfall Namtok Mae Klang, which is the first one you will come across on the main road into the park, about 600 metres before the checkpoint and 8 kilometres from the Highway 1009 road junction. It is a 100-metre waterfall, cascading over a number of tiers of 25-30 metres each. As it is easy to get to, it can become very crowded on weekends and public holidays. Near to this waterfall is Tham Bori Chinda, a large cave containing impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. Namtok Siriphum is an attractive waterfall that cascades down from a steep cliff in two lines and is located at Km. 31 of Highway 1009, en route to Doi Inthanon. Take a right turn and drive for 2 kilometres on Route 1284 and the waterfall is accessible on foot by trails on the west side of the Ban Khun Klang village. To get to Namtok Mae Pan, the longest waterfall in Chiang Mai but one that is a bit off the beaten track, you will need to drive to Km 38 on Highway 1009. Then along the Doi Inthanon-Mae Chaem road (Highway 1192) for 6 kilometres where you will see a sign to the waterfall. Then drive on an unpaved road for 9 kilometres. Don't try it during the rainy season unless you have a 4wd vehicle. After a 10-minute walk from the car park, you will be rewarded by this picturesque waterfall which flows down from a 100m cliff. It is best observed from a distance where the white water and the green forests surrounding the falls can be viewed to maximum effect - a great photo opportunity. There are some good hiking trails around here as well as a campsite, but no restaurants or tents are available for hire. Other waterfalls include Namtok Wachirathan - a large waterfall which can be easily accessed from the car park at Km 20.8 of Highway 1009; Namtok Sirithan - a popular waterfall located at Km 22 and accessed along a 200m trail from the car park; Namtok Pha Khun Na - a small waterfall only a short walk from the visitors centre; and Namtok Wang Khwai - 200m north of Namtok Pha Khun Na.

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