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Bangkok's Best 3 Floating Markets

  Lin Mei


The floating markets of Bangkok conjure up images of seeing local farmers drifting along in their wooden paddle boats, filled with produce from their farms for sale and delicacies they can cook up in their boat. It’s high on everybody’s list going to Bangkok and is also a Thai favourite weekend activity.This can mean that those rustic images start to get pushed out of the window and replaced by hordes of tourists squeezing past each other and the whole experience feeling like a tourist trap. Bangkoks biggest and most popular floating market Damnoen Saduak can feel exactly like that. There are many floating markets near Bangkok, each with pros and cons depending what you are looking for. The organised tours tend to hit the markets at certain times and only certain ones. We have looked at many markets and think the three below are some of the best around, offering something for everyone and are not difficult to do. The second and third markets are close together so can be combined into a single trip, bonus! Click on the name of each market to take you to our full info about it. Taling Chan Floating Market This great little market is very close to Bangkok so the easiest of the three to get to. It’s relatively small but has really great food on offer, is popular with Bangkok locals rather than foreign tourists and doesn’t get insanely busy. The only downside is that some people see it as a bit well organised, so lacks some authenticity but it’s a great all-rounder, especially for those with limited time. Amphawa Floating Market Bangkok’s second most popular floating market. It still has all the authenticity of being able to buy food directly from the vendors on the riverside with some great restaurants and shops around. Unlike most markets this is an afternoon market convening at 3pm. All the shops around are open earlier so you can enjoy the nice teak-wood houses and shops when it’s relatively quiet in the morning. It’s very popular with Bangkok locals and by noon it starts to get very busy and eventually packed. So it’s more of a hustle and bustle atmosphere than a relaxing one. Tha Kha Floating Market This quaint little market has managed to stay under the tourist radar. This is where you can get that authentic floating market feel. A local community market with old locals in their wooden boats piled high with goods chatting to one another, their customers other Tha Kha locals, all in the setting of sugar palm-fringed canals and centuries-old teak wood homes. Simply wonderful and doesn’t get crowded. It’s actually just as easy to get here as Amphawa, those that do come will be glad they did! Feel free to leave comments below and go check out some of the other amazing things Bangkok has to offer! Thanks GOHOBO

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